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Worried. . . .

  That a LOVED ONE is increasingly negative, moody or even violent?

  That your loved one's alcohol or drug abuse is spiraling OUT OF CONTROL?

  That YOU are being pulled down by the problem?

For completely confidential information and assistance, call toll-free (888) 421-4321
Family in Recovery

Professional Help is available

The Intervention Resource Center provides referral services to connect the family, friends, and employers of alcohol and drug abusers with professional interventionists. A family or group intervention led by a trained professional is a highly effective means for breaking the downward spiral of substance abuse and getting the alcoholic or addict into treatment and onto the road to recovery and rehabilitation.

The Doorway to Recovery

Use the Intervention Resource Center for assistance in finding a qualified intervention specialist in your area. Call toll-free 888-421-4321 to talk with a referral advisor, or email All communications are held in strict confidence. Don't waste critical time; act now to find professional help.